A Wyrmguard
A Wyrmguard
Only appearance: Ultima IX

The Wyrmguard are the Guardian's shocktroops in Ultima IX. They are easily identified by their dragonwing-armour (hence the name), and are basically the standing army of the Guardian in Britannia. They are mostly armed with broadswords and seldom bother with shields. Also, some of them have learned the art of dragon-riding.

However, in Ultima IX, it is never explained:

  1. Where they come from, or
  2. Why the Guardian hadn't used them to conquer the land.

In the fan-written Dialogue Patch, it is made clear that these are soldiers from another world already conquered by the Guardian, making them most likely soldiers from Killorn Keep.

Named Wyrmguards, who are not Companions:

Companions and Wyrmguards:

Shamino and Katrina didn't turn into Wyrmguards, and they kept helping the Avatar. Dupre's ghost can be met in Trinsic, as he died before Ultima IX.

Trivia Edit

  • Wyrmguard Armour can also be used by the Avatar, and no one seems to care! The plan was originally for NPCs to react if the Avatar was wearing the armour, but this feature ended up being cut like many others.
  • Note that while Wyrmguard are supposed to be Dragon Riders (and this fact is referenced several time throughout the game, even being implied in the name "Wyrmguard") we never once see a Wyrmguard actually riding a dragon during the game, most likely because of technical limitations.

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