Xanthia, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Xanthia is a member of the Artisan's Guild of Minoc and a master of fabricating candelabras.

Sometime prior to Ultima VII, Elynor commissioned special candelabras for the Fellowship hall from her. Despite this, the relationship between the Guild and the Fellowship quickly became frosty in light of the artisans' refusal to join, eventually developing into an outright feud.

The double-murder later committed by Hook and Forskis shocked Xanthia, like most inhabitants of Minoc, although she admitted to barely knowing the victims. She remarked to the Avatar that such horrors were not prone to occurring in the city and also spoke of the Guild's problems with the Fellowship, suggesting further discussions with Gladstone on the matter. Prompted by Xanthia's mentioning her craft, the Avatar described to her the candelabra found beside the murder victims, upon which she came to the disturbing realization that it appeared to be one of her commissioned works.

Her suspicion was later proven correct when Elynor, under the Cube's influence, admitted that Hook had neglected to remove it from the crime scene.

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