Xavier, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Argentrock Isle

Xavier is a Theurgist on Argentrock Isle on the world of Pagan.

Xavier was the first person the Avatar met on the island in Ultima VIII, since he liked walking through the wilderness outside the walls of the settlement. Xavier also was responsible for taking the first test on the way to becoming a Theurgist, the test of knowledge. Should the Avatar fail, he told him to read the books in the monastery before trying again. After the Avatar passed, he told him to go to Stellos.

However, later his healing spell-focus was stolen and when the Avatar found out that it was Torwin, it resulted in the thief's death by falling into the ocean. Xavier somberly took back the focus. Later, after the Avatar had taken the Breath of Air, Xavier was livid and didn't want to speak to the Avatar any longer.

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