Xenka, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monk Isle

Xenka is the founder and prophet of the Xenkan Monks. She is most integral in the quest to save the universe. Unlike other monks, she is a very direct woman.

Xenka originally came from a rather poor peasant family in a village near Moonshade. One day, her gift of prophecy set in, and she started to have disturbing visions of the possible destruction of everything. The Mages of Moonshade dismissed her as crazy, but her husband and children held to her. When the visions became worse, they left the village to go to Monk Isle. There, Xenka finally managed to write about her visions and gathered followers who had the task to prevent this disaster. However, she then vanished into Void by unknown means.

When she finally returned in Ultima VII Part Two she was disappointed that her followers had turned into an order that had been frozen in strict rules, disputes over what to do, and near blind faith in prophet Xenka. She was mad that they had done nothing and risked the destruction she'd seen to come forth, and that her initially clear instructions had been turned into very stupid, almost useless and cryptic riddles, whose original content had been forgotten. Talking to the Avatar, she showed many surprising points of view. She revealed the real reason for the emigration to Serpent Isle (the corruption of the Mages of Moonshade, whom she hates), and that she knew Lord British was actually an honest and honorable man. She also revealed her grief that her family was now long gone.

Xenka helped the Avatar in the task to re-unite the Chaos Serpent, before giving the hero the Ophidian Sword with instructions to go to Sunrise Isle to restore balance to the universe.