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Xenkan Monks

The Xenkan Monks are a group founded by Xenka.

After Xenka had left her village, she and her family moved to Monk Isle. There, she gathered followers to help prevent the horrible disaster she had foreseen, prepare the inhabitants of Serpent Isle, and aid the Avatar upon the hero's arrival.

However, things went wrong after Xenka vanished into the Void (probably to wait for said hero). Over time, the monks felt that Xenka's clear instructions weren't worthy enough of a great prophetess. They felt her prophecies weren't mystical enough, editing them until they became almost unreadable poetic gibberish, losing the originals in the process. Having robbed themselves of their guidelines, the order became frozen in dogma and totally divided on what they should actually do.

Some, like Thoxa, felt that more direct action was needed, while others around Karnax were strictly against it. In the end, the order did nothing at all. It also became difficult for them to acquire new novices, as the order had become so strict over time that few wanted to join.

When Xenka did return, she was extremely angry at how the order had failed in the objectives she'd given them. It is very possible that with her return, things will drastically change in the order.

Members Edit


A small group of Xenkan Monks

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