Xit in action

  • Words of Power: (unknown)
  • Reagents: BM, SS, SA
  • Circle: (unknown)

Related to Blink, Xit can save your entire party from otherwise certain death. Cast within a dungeon, the spell will transport the spellcaster and his companions back to the entrance to the dungeon. When your party is emperiled, Xit can make for a fast escape to the relative safety of the surface. This spell is essential to the adventurer who descends into dungeons where hazards cannot be predicted.

Note that it only works while in one of the corridors connecting the various dungeon rooms. Xit needs preparation, and therefore can't be cast in dungeon rooms or in battle.


When trapped in the bowels of the earth, weary and battered with a long road to the surface, the use of an Xit (exit) spell can be beneficial. This enchantment is but one of the middling forms of teleportation, quite similar in cost and nature to the Blink spell. It too disassembles the party and reassembles it on the surface of Britannia, and thus requires very similar components to the aforementioned Blink enchantment. Aside from the moving Blood Moss and the binding Spider Silk which ensures the safe passage of the disincorporated party, Xit requires the use of Sulphurous Ash to provide the flare that guides the party from the depths of darkness to the world of sunlight. When casting the Xit spell, the thaumaturge should try to envision the actual entrance to the underworld used to gain the subterranean passages at the beginning of the expedition below ground. Successful casting of the Xit spell will surely return them to that selfsame spot.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

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