Yenani, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Gwani
Ultima VII Part Two

Yenani is the leader of the Gwani at the time of the Avatar's arrival on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two. Her mate is Myauri. Their daughter is Neyobi and their son is Kapyundi.

When the Avatar first arrived in the Gwani lands, Yenani's daughter was sick and the only way to help her was the blood of Ice Dragons. However, their warriors had no luck with getting it, so she sent the Avatar, promising help in return. She also revealed how Gwenno had befriended her people. After the job was done she then helped with getting entrance to Skullcrusher.

Yenani was one of the few Gwani who survived after Hazard slaughtered her tribe. She told the Avatar that Hazard had stolen an important locket from her tribe as well. After dealing with Hazard, Yenani reveled that inside was the last missing Serpent Tooth, the one to Sunrise Isle.

She and her family stayed with the remains of her clan in the northern lands.

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