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Yolaru Tribesmen

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Yolaru Tribesmen
Yolaru - male
Yolaru Tribesmen, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Yolaru - female

Yolaru - female

The Yolaru Tribesmen are the mainstay of the Yolaru Tribe in Savage Empire.

The men and women of the Kurak tribe follow their leader, Apaton. They spoke at length about their tribe's enemies, the Myrmidex, claiming them to be strong, fierce, and evil, and had killed many of their tribe. They spoke poorly of the Disquiqui Tribe, believing them to be fools, and were knowledgeable of the Nahuatla Tribe.

They were extremely respectful of Dr. Rafkin, whom they had captured in a previous raid, and were impressed by his knowledge.

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