Yorl, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Skara Brae
Yorl is a fisherman living in Skara Brae.

He was close friends with Quenton for many years and took his murder really hard. He promised his friend at his grave to take good care of his daughter, Marney. In a twist of fate, he kept his friend's murderer Michael from taking advantage of Marney (Yorl didn't know Michael was the murderer, since everyone thought it was the Gargoyles).

When the Avatar met Yorl in Ultima VI, Yorl at first spoke about his job, saying he preferred nets to poles for fishing, and that the fishing was rather bad at the time of the Avatar's visit. However, once asked about Marney and Quenton, he told the whole, sad story. When asked about the rune that Quenton kept however, Yorl had no idea, since Quenton kept that secret safe.

Some months later, Marney died of her illness and Yorl built a tomb for her, which could be visited in Ultima VII. He himself died in the firestorm that destroyed the city.