Yunapotli, from Savage Empire
Species: Kotl-Automatons
Savage Empire
Location: Kotl

Yunapotli is a Kotl-Automaton, whose primary function is to serve and open doors.

During the fall of the ancient race, Yunapotli's head became separated from his body. Many years later, the Nahuatla Tribe found his head and brought it into their city. There, again years later, the possessed Dr. Spector took out the crystal brain, which in return Fritz took from him.


Spector grieves as Yunapotli's body shuts down

In Savage Empire, the Avatar managed to put Yunapotli back together in Kotl. Since his masters were gone, he decided to join the Avatar on the quest, giving some explanations about the old masters, the Myrmidex and the generators of the city. He said that Katalkotl had much more information, however. He then opened all the doors in the city with his remote control.

With his enormous strength, Yunapotli was able to smash the control panel of the city, shutting down the generators. However, since they powered him as well, it meant his death. In his last moments, he showed that he actually was capable of feeling emotion. A mere minute later, the city collapsed, smashing his body.

Trivia Edit

  • Inside the city of Kotl, Yunapotli is effectively immortal, which somewhat lessens the importance of the fights therein.

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