Zelda, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Lycaeum

Zelda is a scholar at the Lycaeum in Ultima VII. Being a no-nonsense woman, she nonetheless has a hidden heart which she reveals only reluctantly.

The Avatar was at first offended with her rude behaviour. However, she proved to be very well informed about many things in and around the Lycaeum. Only after talking a lot to her, did she admit that she had some feelings for Brion, the caretaker of the observatory. Only too bad for her, that he didn't share these feelings. However, her sadness left when she was told that Brion's twin brother Nelson, who worked in the Lycaeum, did have some feelings for her. In the end she decided that they look the same anyway and he is a good second choice.

Zelda also expounds about the discovery of The Avatar Adventures purported to be diary of the Avatar.

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