Zinaida, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Cove

Zinaida is a woman in her early forties, and the owner and keeper of the Emerald tavern in Cove during Ultima VII.

Zinaida welcomed the Avatar warmly, and readily talked about the food and drink of her house. Silverleaf Meal was a specialty of her house, but she only knew that it was made from some kind of tree. She also suggested a good wine, but cautioned the Avatar not to drink any water because of the pollution of Lock Lake. She was really angry that the Britannian Mining Company simply dumped all their trash into the lake, polluting it.

After talking to Lord Heather, the Avatar returned to her and asked her about De Maria. Zinaida was really in love with him and said that it's impossible to find a better man.

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