Zogith, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Pits of Carnage

Zogith is a well-mannered Mage found in the Pits of Carnage.

Upon meeting him in Ultima Underworld II, the Avatar was surprised at how well-mannered Zogith was, especially in a place like the Pits. Zogith told the Avatar about the pits and then told the hero about his problem of not being able to cast the more powerful spells in battle, which put him at a disadvantage. The Avatar thus suggested using the Arena of Air, which would give a spellcaster an advantage.

Zogith thanked the Avatar, but then said that he was unable to cast any fire-related spells because he hadn't a FLAM-Runestone at hand, and the mighty sorceress Zaria didn't want him as an apprentice. Fortunately for him, the Avatar had a spare FLAM-Runestone in hand. In return, Zogith happily revealed to the Avatar a new spell, Valor, which would enable the caster to fight much better.

After some digging, Zogith said that he didn't dare to enter the deeper levels to look for helpful items, because Dorstag once had tried that and all his men had been slain, while he got a nasty scar in his face. Zogith had no idea who could do something like that (it had been Blog).

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